Amino acids, Fulvic acid, Humic acid: the functions and difference of these 3 biological stimulants
Apr 27, 2017
Chapter 1

According to the definition of the European Biostimulence Industry Council (EBIC):
Bilogical stimulants is substances containing certain components and / or microbes. When it is applied to crops or their rhizosphere, it can promote the natural physiological metabolism of crops and enhance the absorption of nutrients, also enhance non-biological stress resistance, improve the quality and yield.

According to the source classification: including humic acid, amino acids, small peptide, oligosaccharides, seaweed polysaccharides, chitosan, molasses fermented, soil beneficial microorganisms and their metabolites, alkaloids (betaine) and so on.

In the next chapter, we will introduce the functions and difference of amino acids, fulvic acid and humic acid.




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