The important effect of humic acid in repairing the ecological environment
Sep 19, 2016

After half a century of development, the humic acid products get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh constantly,has been appeared humic acid fertilizer of green environmental protection, green pesticide humate, humic acid (fulvic acid) drought-resistant, soil conditioner humic acid, humic acid water retention agent, new inputs such as humic acid biodegradable plastic films.Humate surfactants, chelating humic acid products and other industrial products, water environment repair preparation of sodium humate, humic acid eutrophication treatment agent, water purification treatment of humic acid water repair products.Practice has proved that  humic acid products play an important role in ecological environment restoration, such as soil , air , water.

1.Humic acid repair contaminated soil

Humic acid as the most active components of humus, the soil formation, physical and chemical properties and fertility plays a key role.

a.Humic acid could repair sandy land.

b.Humic acid can repair soil heavy metal pollution.

2.Humic acid can fix atmospheric pollution.

3.Humic acid can repair water pollution.