General usage of humic acid fertilizer 2
Nov 14, 2016

Root spray:

The general concentration is about 0.01% -0.05% solution. Spraying 2-3 times in the flowering of crops, 

about 667 square meters per spray volume of 50 liters of water solution. Spraying time should be selected 

in the afternoon 2-4pm for good effectiveness. 

As the base fertilizer:

Solid humic acid fertilizer (such as ammonium humic acid, etc.), the general dosage is about 100-150 kg

 per 667 square meters. Humic acid as base fertilizer, the concentration is around 0.05% -0.1%, the dosage

is 250-400 liters water solution for each 667 square meters. It could be mixed with farm manure, ditch facilities

can be used for it.

As for dressing fertilizer:

Before the crop seedling and heading, using 250 liters of water solution with 0.01% -0.1% concentration

per every 667 square meters. Watering in the crop near the root system. Paddy fields can be applied 

with irrigation or water sprinkling facilities, good for seedlings grow, strong seedlings, and promote growth

and so on.