Prospects of humic acid fertilizer
Aug 04, 2016


In China the whole process of green food quality control system has reached the standard of European Union, 

the United States, Japan and other developed countries. But regarding how to produce the safe green food, 

the fundamental problem lies in how to overcome and prevent soil pollution. From fertilizer perspective, we 

must adhere to combine using of organic & inorganic fertilizer, using humic acid fertilizer is the only option, 

and humic acid fertilizer combine with chemical fertilizer can reach the 1 + 1> 2 effect. 

        A large number of researches have shown that humic acid is a close friend of inorganic fertilizers, the slow

release agent and stabilizer of nitrogen fertilizer, the synergist of phosphatic fertilizer, and protective agent of

potassium fertilizer, also it is regulator and chelating agent of trace elements. Humic acid has significant 

synergies on fertilizer, it is "Mount Everest" in the world's fertilizers currently.

        The future developed direction of humic acid fertilizer is: intelligent, professional, complex, long-term 

oriented, granulation and localization fertilizer.

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