Humic Acid - Water soluble Fertilizer Promotes the Development of Fertilizer
Oct 09, 2016

Humic acid products due to different extraction and refining process in the market, their quality are also very 

different. Those with physical methods (such as wind election) sorting products, although the appearance is 

black, very fine, but insoluble in water, fulvic acid content is low, poor physiological activity, difficult to use as 

irrigation fertilizer and drip irrigation.

        The humic acid extracted by chemical method, containing fulvic acid up to 50% or more, even up to 90%. 

Generally sodium, potassium or ammonium humate, soluble in water, and also easy to work with other nutrients

(NPK and its trace element). So they are often used as raw materials of liquid fertilizer, and can also be used 

as single application. Its concentration is about 5% -10%. But most of time is used with other fertilizer as water

-soluble humic acid fertilizer. From the composition point of view, water-soluble humic acid fertilizer is also an 

organic - inorganic compound fertilizer.

        Such as potassium humate and sodium humate are soluble in water, anti-hard water, no flocculation, no

precipitation, etc., more suitable for drip irrigation, irrigation, seepage irrigation and other modern agricultural