Research on Application of Potassium Humate on Grapevine
Nov 17, 2016

By BS Wang,KY Feng,NB Sun

[Objective] The research aimed to study the application of potassium humate on grapevine. 

[Method]In the field of natural climate soil condition,the effect of spraying potassium humate on grapevine

was studied. 

[Result] Spraying potassium humate vine could significantly improve the chlorophyll content in leaves,and

could make the disease leaves green complex to basic level close to the normal leaf. After spraying 

potassium humate,single panicle weight increased,and the overall yield increased by 14. 8%- 20. 2%. 

It could effectively improve the quality of fruit,increase vitamin C,sugar and acid contents in the fruits. 

[Conclusion] Application of Gao Weilu on the grapes not only had obvious effects of increasing yield,

but also could improve the fruit quality.