The characteristics of water-soluble humic acid fertilizer
Dec 15, 2016

Water Soluble Fertilizer is multielement compound fertilize that can be dissolved in water completely, significant advantages are instant,high absorption rate, fast effect, no residue and easy to use.

Water Soluble Humin Acid Fertilizer is use proportion of humic acid that be suitable for plant growth, 

adding suitable amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium element or zinc, boron, iron, molybdenum, manganese, copper and other trace elements made of liquid or solid water soluble fertilizer.Water-soluble humic acid fertilizers dissolved by water or diluted, used for irrigation fertilization, foliar fertilizer, soilless cultivation, seed dipping root purposes. 

It has five characteristics:

First,water-soluble humic acid that purified by modern technology,and in composite with bigelements, micro elements and special elements to form a new type of fertilizer,provides the advantageous safeguard 

for the production of green health food, reduce environmental pollution, reduce farmers' production cost.

Second,Water-soluble humic acid fertilizer is widely used in food crops, cash crops, oil crops and flowers, etc., applicable to wide range of crops, using a wide range of concentration.

Third, Water-soluble humic acid fertilizer in the soil can greatly nitrogen, phosphate-solubilizing, promote the 

function of potassium, cultivate the soil fertility and crop root development.

Fourth, Water-soluble humic acid fertilizer nutrition reasonable collocation, have synergy nutrition effect, 

can significantly reduce the fertilizers and pesticides.

Fifth, Water-soluble humic acid fertilizer economic, safe, convenient and efficient.