The functions of high activity of humic acid fertilizer
Sep 21, 2016

High activity of humic acid fertilizer, is an organic combination of high quality humic acid and microorganism. It is with high activity and the effect is obvious. The main features are:

1. Improve soil structure, promote the formation of aggregates, coordinate soil, water, fertilizer, air, heat conditions, not only for ventilation, but also for water retention, no harden deterioration.

2. Enhance soil fertility and fertilizer supply capacity, reduce the loss of the effective nutrients, keep long-lasting fertility. So that to make the effect of quick acting fertilizer from "fierce, short" becomes "steady, long" .

3. Improve soil pH, reduce the side effects of toxic factors.

4. Provide nutrition needed for life activities of microorganism, promote the activity and planting of microorganism, and improve the activity of microorganism.

5. Improve fertilizer efficiency. The combination of humic acid and nitrogen can make the yield rate increased by about 10%. The utilization of phosphorus can be doubled or more.

6. Early germination and improve seed germination and seedling rate. Using a certain concentration of humic acid for soaking could be 1-3 days earlier for germination, seedling rate can increase by 10% -25%.

7. Promote rooting and increased root absorption capacity. Using humic acid dipping roots, crops root out fast, the number and the weight of the roots increase much and it enhance the nutrient absorption capacity of the root.

8. Enhance the development of breed organ, early flowering. Also increase the rate of pollination,the seed weight and the fruit weight.

9. Enhance crop resistance. The use of humic acid can increase the drought resistance, disease resistance significantly.

10. Stimulate the crop growth and development. The use of humic acid can enhance the activity of various enzymes of crops, improve crop ability to absorb water and nutrients, enhance crop metabolism, accelerate growth, early maturity and improve quality.