The general usage of water-soluble fertilizer
Nov 23, 2016

Although the use of water soluble fertilizer could bring a lot of convenience to agricultural production, if 

couldn't use it well, it will also bring disaster. So we's better follow the best fertilizer time and dosage.

Fertilization time:

During fertilization, the water temperature should be close to the temperature of land, and do not flood 

irrigation. If in the winter, it would be better water in the morning. In the summer, then better water in the 

afternoon or evening. If you do not use drip irrigation, then try to small water with many times. Too much

water one time is easy to cause soil compaction, root respiration blocked, affecting nutrient absorption,

and easy rot, dead trees.

Fertilization dosage: 

Only the scientific fertilization could obtain the great yield and quality. Scientific fertilization is not only 

nutrient formula, quality, but also the scientific dosage. In general, the land-based vegetables require 

50% water-soluble fertilizer, the amount of acres is about 5 kg, plus water-soluble organic matter humic

acid, amino acids, chitin 0.5 kg or so, in addition to increasing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 

nutrients, but also improve crop disease resistance, drought resistance, cold resistance, reduce the 

incidence of deficiency disease.