The importance of humic acid in the production of fruit industry
Jul 11, 2017

The importance of humic acid in the production of fruit industry!

With the upgrading of the global fertilizer industry, humic acid is regarded as an important organic raw material and green environmental protection fertilizer, its development is attracting more and more attention from the fruit industry. At present, the market circulation of humic acid fertilizer involves solid, liquid two broad categories.

Application of humic acid in fruit industry!

Humic acid fertilizer can increase the yield of economic crop by 15-30%, and can also improve the quality of agricultural products. Reduce some heavy metal, nitrate, nitrite, residual pesticides and other harmful substances content.

1) Enrich the soil.  The main function is shown in:

A. Increase soil nutrition. Humic acids in soil are adsorbed, complexed, chelated, and exchanged by ions, or indirectly through the activation of soil enzymes, the accumulation of nutrients, can protect and store nutrient elements.

B.Improve soil physical structure. Humic acid can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure. Humic acid can make soil color deepen, and it is beneficial to absorb sunlight radiation and raise soil temperature

C .Increase soil moisture content. Humic acid can increase soil water holding capacity by 5-10 times.

D. Promote soil microbial activity. Providing a major source of energy for the activity of soil microorganisms, improve soil microbial community.

E. Reduce soil pollution. It has buffering and reducing effects on soil pollution.