The role of amino acids
Jul 05, 2017


In general, the role of amino acids is as follows:

① For the protein synthesis to provide the basic ingredients.

② For the plant to provide high-quality nitrogen source, carbon source and energy.

③ For the rhizosphere of micro-organisms to provide nutrition (saprophytic bacteria).

④ Passivation of a variety of heavy metal elements, reduce its side effects, reduce fertilizer; also have a certain inhibition of nitrate.

⑤ Anti-stress effect: to improve the crop drought, high temperature, salt stress and other tolerance, especially small peptide (a small amount of amino acid polymer) can remove free radicals, antioxidant, anti-heavy metal poisoning ability to repair crop disease is extremely strong.

⑥ Complex (chelate) a variety of trace elements for the plant to provide a stable chelate (complex state) mineral elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, zinc, copper, iron and iron, etc.), can be quickly absorbed and used by plants;