Traditional fertilizer market downturn, the new fertilizer become the main force
Sep 29, 2016

This year, at the end of May the State Council issued "Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan", in the industry known

 as "soil 10". It proposed the targets for soil pollution prevention as follows:

-By 2020 National soil pollution increasing trend has to be initially contained, soil quality generally stable. The soil 

environment safety for agricultural and construction land can get basic control.

-By 2030, the national soil quality can be steady for the better. The soil environment safety for agricultural and 

construction land can get effective full control. 

-By mid-century, the soil quality can reach the overall improvement. Ecosystem can achieve a great circle.

-Regarding the requirements for the chemical fertilizer and pesticide: encourage farmers to increase the using 

of organic fertilizer, reducing the using of chemical fertilizer. Promote high efficiency low toxicity and modern 

machinery. By 2020, the total using amount of fertilizer can achieve zero growth, utilization rate increased to 

40% or more. 

The issue of "Soil 10" is good for the development of the organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, containing humic acid

 and a variety of biological enzymes fertilizer. Many companies have also developed the fertilizer with high 

utilization, high yield and efficiency, accelerate industrial upgrading.