Kaida Potassium Humate 97 Powder

Kaida Potassium Humate 97 Powder

Main features: 1. Rich in organic matter (min 90%) 2. Humic acid and fulvic acid can reach to min80% 3. High water solubility min 99%


High quality Kaida Potassium Humate 97 powder

Kaida Potassium Humate 97 powder is one of best Kaida potassium humate sales. Its water solubility is almost  100%. Also the content of potassium could reach to min 10%. Compare to other potassium humates, the dry basis of humic acid and fulvic acid could get to min 80%.



Black-brown powder

Organic   matter


HA+FA   (dry basis)


Potassium   (as K2O)


Water   solubility





1)  Increase the plant quality and the yield

2)  Improve the fertility of soil and adjust the soil structure.

3)  Enhance the utilization of other nutrient fertilizers.

4)  Increase the permeability of plant membranes, easily absorbed by plant owing to its molecular weight.


Potassium humate application is very universal. As potassium humate fertilizer, it can be used first as soil conditioner and ameliorator for different various of plants. To improve the growth of plants, this super potassium humate can combine with nitrogen, phosphorus or elses used as compound fertilizer.

Foliar spraying: Dilute 4-6kg to 1000 liter water

Fertigation: Add 50-70kg/ha into irrigation water


Package: In 10kg or 25kg net plastic woven bags lining inside or customized packages.

Delivery Date: within 15 days after received payment.

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